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At Red Door Yoga, Shanghai, we teach and practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, a challenging, and physically transformative style of Yoga, and we do this as a lifestyle.

We teach ashtanga in the traditional method, in which teachers with a great deal of experience teach students to develop a solid foundation in the basics before moving on to more advanced positions.  In this way we avoid sloppy practice and injury, and cultivate the health and vitality that this practice supply.  Once that base has been developed, we will continue to challenge you to take yourself to the next level in this never ending journey.

Our teachers are dedicated practitioners who teach yoga as its meant to be taught: with passion, care, and deep experience.  This is a place for Yoga in Jing An Temple.

Yoga is a practice which may take lifetimes to master, but only a moment to begin.  That moment is now.

红门瑜珈的特点就是简单的瑜珈练习场所,拥有专业的瑜珈课程。 我们的老师都用心地让学生了解瑜珈。 通过瑜珈练习让你的生活简单,健康,充满力量。

At Red Door Yoga, Shanghai, we have Ashtanga(led and mysore), Flow, and Hatha yoga taught by internationally trained teachers.

For inquiries and to book class text 1352 416 2501.

Ashtanga Yoga in Shanghai        

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